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Working Together to Protect  Our Community 

Dear Clients & Potential Clients:

​At Isthmus Handyman we have always tried our best to care for our clients as well as we care for their homes.  We take the ongoing threat from Covid-19 to the health and well-being of our clients and our community seriously, and have altered our work practices based on the best available public health advice.

During warm weather months (April to October), we will be prioritizing EXTERIOR jobs, requiring minimal physical interaction with clients or entry to their homes.

We are also accepting INTERIOR work, but only those jobs where we and the client can reduce the risks of Covid-19 infection during our interactions. We are prioritizing jobs where we can work without clients present, where all persons are vaccinated, and/or where work areas can be isolated from anyone present. 

When in close or extended proximity to clients, we will continue to follow standard precautions of physical distancing and mask-wearing, regardless of vaccination status. For worksites where all persons present are fully vaccinated and symptom-free, we may relax precautions in consultation with the client. 

Our ability to perform your work, and timing of that work, is contingent on evolving public health recommendations and state and local restrictions. 

We reserve the right to postpone or decline your work at any time based on public health conditions, or if your household and/or workspace does not meet the conditions outlined above.

​We are happy to talk with you further about any questions or concerns you may have about having work done on your home given the current public health risks.  We also encourage you to consult with your health care provider before proceeding with any home repair or improvement project, especially if you or anyone in your household has health vulnerabilities.

​We appreciate your business, and your support for our efforts to reduce the risk of infection for  everyone in our community.  We wish you and yours continued good health in this challenging time.

Isthmus Handyman

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