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Our History

Isthmus Handyman Founder Dennis Harrison Noonan

For nearly 30 years, Isthmus Handyman and Tim Carlisle Handyman LLC have been helping Madison homeowners with repairs, improvements, and advice. 


We do good work, and are good to work with, because we take as much care with our clients as we do with their homes.

Dennis Harrison-Noonan founded Isthmus Handyman in 1994 to provide carpentry and handyman services to his Madison neighbors.  In those pre-internet days, Dennis sometimes resorted to going door to door in Madison's Northside neighborhoods, introducing himself and offering his services.

Dennis quickly gained a reputation for doing excellent work at fair prices, and for going the extra mile to help homeowners understand and maintain their homes.  Satisfied clients hired Dennis for the next project and the next, and told their neighbors and friends about Isthmus Handyman

Dennis's neighbor and fellow handyman Tim Carlisle joined the business in 2004, and the two partners combined their talents to expand our range of services to include remodeling and decks.  Dennis and Tim enjoyed twelve years of successful partnership before Dennis "retired" from handyman work in 2016 to pursue a second career as a hospital chaplain, and Tim took over ownership and management of our combined handyman business.

Over the years, Isthmus Handyman has added several associates to help meet the ever increasing demand for our services, but we have chosen to remain a small local company with high standards and a focused service area.

30 years after Dennis introduced himself and his skills to his neighbors, we are proud and grateful that repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients are our main source of business.  We do very little advertising and don't spend a lot of time promoting our services, which leaves us more time to spend working with our clients and their homes.   

Thank you to our past and future clients for trusting us with your homes. 

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