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Chicken Coop Plans

You can build this attractive, portable chicken coop in your back yard!

The "Playhouse Coop" was one of the first small coop designs available for backyard chicken owners, and hundreds of people have purchased the plans over the past decade plus.  

Isthmus Handyman founder Dennis Harrison-Noonan designed this small chicken coop after getting many requests to build coops for backyard chicken owners.


The "Playhouse Coop houses up to 5 large chickens in the original 4' x 8' model.   It is cute, cozy, impenetrable and easy to clean!   No heat or insulation necessary, even in the cold climates.  It is designed for maximum ventilation in warm climates.   Our Wisconsin temperatures vary from -15F to 100F.  Plans are available in inches and centimeters.   This is a great intermediate level  do-it-yourself project.  If you use a carpenter or handyperson, s/he  will appreciate these complete, easy- to- follow plans.    

 Featured in these Magazine and Newspaper Articles:


Backyard Poultry

USA Today

This shorter red roofed model (above) can be easily built from these plans. It is a truncated version of the 4 ft. x 8 ft. design.

If you are considering a larger flock, Dennis also offers the plans and the materials/cut list for an 8 ft. x 8 ft. model (see above illustration).

The Playhouse Coop building package includes:

  • Six Pages of Professionally Produced, Easy to Read, Scale Construction -Drawings

  • Full color CAD dimensional drawings.

  • Detailed Photos and 2 Videos Clips

  • A Complete Building Materials and Cut  List

  • Detailed Construction Guide Booklet

  • Imperial and Metric Measurements

  • Technical Support

  • All Information Digitally Delivered 

Ordering the Playhouse Coop Plans:

Purchase price for the original 4 ft. x 8 ft. Playhouse Coop Plans Package:   $35.00

The 4 ft. x 8 ft. and the 8 ft. x 8 ft. Playhouse Plans Packages can be purchased together for $50.00.


To order, please use PayPal option below. You will be redirected to the download page after payment is complete. If you prefer to use an alternative payment method, please e-mail me at

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Important! Once you have completed your PayPal payment, click on the "Return to Isthmus Handyman L.L.C" link and you will be taken to the download page.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

I do business on trust, so if you would like to evaluate the plans before deciding on a purchase, please email me your contact information at  I will send out the digital plans package to you for review. This will help you determine if this project will match your needs as well as your construction skill level. This will answer any questions you might have concerning such things as security against predators, alternative materials, adding wheels, or clean-out options. 

Material Costs

It is difficult to accurately predict the costs in your area.  Best to figure around $500 for materials for the 4'x8' model and $800 for the 8'x8' design. Because the project does require some basic knowledge of construction, I do not consider it  suitable for those of you brand  new to do it yourself projects.   An experienced carpenter can  complete this coop in approximately 15-20 hours, excluding painting time.

Sliding Scale Pricing

If for any reason you are not able to pay my asking price but still would like to use the plans to build your coop, then I ask that you email me at and let me know your situation.   I don't want to deny anyone the chance to build this fine design due to financial constraints. Just let me know that you would like a set and send me your offer price.    With rising food prices and the current state of the economy, I want to offer a sliding scale price to you if needed.

Please note that the Playhouse Coop plans are designed and sold by Dennis Harrison-Noonan, not Isthmus Handyman LLC.  All questions regarding the plan design, purchase, or technical support for construction and use should be directed to Dennis at and not to Isthmus Handyman.  However, Isthmus Handyman does offer construction and repair services within our Madison service area.

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