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How We Schedule

 After nearly 30 years providing quality local service, Isthmus Handyman is in the fortunate position of  receiving more requests for service than we can accommodate immediately.  Unfortunately, this means our clients often have to wait for openings on our schedule, especially during our busiest months (April – October).   Note that we try to prioritize returning clients whenever possible.

Typical Spring/Summer/Fall Scheduling:

  • Smaller Jobs (one day or less)4 to 6 weeks out from acceptance 

  • Bigger Jobs (more than one day) -- 8 to 12 weeks out from acceptance 

Typical Winter (Interior Only) Scheduling:

  • Smaller Jobs (one day or less) – 2 to 4 weeks out from acceptance 

  • Bigger Jobs (more than one day) -- 4 to 8 weeks out from acceptance 

Note that "acceptance" means when you accept our estimate and/or we agree to do your work (without estimate), not when you first request our services.

  • If you are able to be flexible on scheduling, we can often get to your job sooner.  We maintain a list of “filler” jobs that we can schedule on short notice when we have a cancellation due to weather or other reasons, or if we  finish a nearby job earlier than expected. 

  • If you have a deadline and/or have limited availability, we are happy to schedule a specific day or days for your project.  We often request that clients schedule a “backup” date should weather or other factors dictate a change in schedule.  

  • We schedule all work, including estimate visits, between 9 am and 6 pm Monday - Friday.  We do not work weekends or most holidays. 

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