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Our Services

The handyman/handyperson is the “jack (or jill) of all trades” of the contracting world.  We can often do everything on our clients' list of jobs, and complete all aspects of a project.

Isthmus Handyman provides a wide variety of home repair and improvement services for single family, owner-occupied homes, specializing in small to medium projects and accumulated "to-do" lists. 

If our clients need work done that we don't offer, we can often provide advice and referrals to other tradespersons, and even coordinate our work with them.

Note that we do not service apartments or other rental, business, or commercial properties
We provide a limited set of services to condominium and duplex homes, or vacant homes being prepared for sale or occupancy by the owner.

Here is a categorized list of the projects/jobs that our client most frequently request. You'll also find a list of Work We Don't Do, including Emergency Repairs
Bigger Projects

Remodels & Bigger Projects

  • Kitchen, Bath, and Basement Remodeling & “Updates”

    • including installing/replacing cabinets, vanities, sinks, toilets, and some types of showers & tubs

  • Decks, Screen Porches – construction & repairs (12’x12’ maximum size, ground level only)

  • Front Steps/Stoops – replacement & repairs (not including porch roof repairs)

  • Doors and Storm Doors - replacement & repairs (not including sliding or other double doors)

  • Windows - replacement & repairs (some window types only)

  • Sheds - doors & other repairs, construction & assembly of small sheds including some kits


Smaller Projects - INTERIOR

Smaller Interior

  • Electrical Fixtures - repairs & replacement/upgrades

    • including lights, ceiling/bath/kitchen fans, garbage disposals

  • Plumbing Fixtures - repairs & replacement/upgrades: 

    • including faucets, sinks, toilets, shower heads, laundry sinks

  • Carpentry – cabinets, interior trim, shelving, closets, & more

  • Drywall - installation & repairs (small areas only, usually in conjunction with other work)

  • Interior Painting (usually only in conjunction with other work)

  • Demolition, repairs, & prep work for other tradespeople:

    • including before/after painters, plumbers, electricians, new flooring, cabinets/countertops, etc

  • Decks & Porches – railings, re-decking, rescreening, repairs 

  • Sheds, Fences, & Gates -  repairs 

  • Wood Siding & Trim – repairs & replacement

  • Exterior Painting & Staining - trim & small areas only, usually in conjunction with other work

  • Gutter Cleaning, Guard/Screen installation - first story and only in conjunction with other work

  • Seasonal Home Maintenance - dryer vent cleanouts, storm windows only in conjuction with other work

Smaller Projects - EXTERIOR

Smaler Exterior


  • House Walk-Throughs to identify and prioritize needed repairs

  •      including prior to selling or after purchasing your home

  • Project-specific consultation

  • Referrals to other tradespersons


Work We Don't Do

Big Jobs Such As

  • House Additions, Structural Repairs or Foundation Repairs

  • Whole House or Large Areas of Siding, Roofing, or Gutter Replacement

  • Whole House or Large Areas of Exterior or Interior Painting

  • Whole House Insulation/Weatherization

  • Whole House Window Replacement (more than two windows)

  • Large Door (patio or double) or Large Window (bay) replacement

  • Deck or Porch Construction larger than 12’x12’ or higher than 4’ above ground level

  • Fence Installation/Replacement longer than 16 feet

  • Exterior Painting or Staining except in conjunction with repairs we make

  • Interior Painting beyond a room or two

  • Drywall installation/finishing beyond one room


Specialty Jobs such as:

  • Licensed Electrical work – circuit panels, adding new lines or replacing older wiring or fixtures

  • Licensed Plumbing work – main drain cleaning, adding or repairing pipes, outdoor spigots

  • Concrete/Stucco/Asphalt Work beyond minor repairs

  • Roof of Gutter Repairs/Replacement

  • Garage Door Repairs or Replacement for Vehicles (we do replace garage doors for people ie service doors)

  • Landscaping or Yard Work

  • Cleaning, Window Cleaning, or Junk Removal (but we do clean up after ourselves!) 

Emergency Repairs

  • If you have urgent or emergency repair needs, call an electrician, plumber, drain cleaning service, glass company, or storm/water/fire restoration specialist


Emergency Services

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